Leveraging forward-thinking design technologies and best practices from our work across the country, MG partners with clients to review, assess and enhance workflows and processes, and provide ongoing support for technical staff and end users.


MG works side-by-side with their partners to provide support around four main service areas
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Management

    • Integration of process and workflow best practices
    •  Implementation and documentation of unified standards.
    •  Template creation, review and enhancement.
    •  Project kick-off and model maintenance checklists.
    •  Content creation and design
  • Technical Services

    • Autodesk add-ins, deployments and updates
    • Network or multi-user license management
    • Revit server, collaboration set-up, and maintainance
    • Software asset management and license usage
    • Bluebeam installations and updates
  • Technical Support

    • Problem solving and technical assistance
    • Access to dedicated phone number and email
    • Customized trainings
    • New release workshops
    • Remote online assistance
    • Schedule onsite visits
  • Software Training

    • Live virtual education sessions led by certified AEC industry instructors
    • Application best practices customized for maximum productivity
    • Extensive webinar library and course catalog


The AEC industry is focused on innovation, and so MG’s offers a host of specialized services that are focused on moving the needle for our clients’ by providing them access to advanced technology, increased workplace productivity and developments in ecological protections.

  • BIM to GIS Solutions

  • Connected BIM

    Connected BIM is the practice of creating “informed projects” that can maintain their relevance throughout their lifecycle. MG leverages the power of Autodesk’s AEC Collections and other technologies such as Dynamo, Forge and the cloud to partner with clients on their projects to truly create the “informed environment.” The practice allows project stakeholders access to building, site and demographic data in a single model.

  • Facilities Management

    Facilities management (FM) comprises the biggest segment of any building project. MG helps project owners and managers put the BIM data developed during design and construction to work throughout the project’s life span.

  • Reality Capture

    Reality capture is the practice of combining digital project models, point cloud scan data, photographs, survey and other forms of data into a unified format. Stakeholders can view a comprehensive snapshot of the project at any given point, which is an essential part of many projects today.

  • Sustainable Design

    MG will help your firm design, construct and manage high performance building projects through our proven sustainable building design and construction services.

  • Forge and Computational Design

    MG’s Autodesk Forge consulting team has completed dozens of successful projects over several years. This gives your firm a strong foundation when partnering with us on your custom AEC industry application challenges.

  • Design Visualization & VR/AR

    MG’s design visualization, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) services provide the richest visual experience possible in a variety of formats. When complex projects are under development, stakeholders respond strongly to these realistic presentations.